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PRIVACY   In compliance with the provisions set forth in the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December on Protection of Personal Data and the Spanish Law 34/2002, of July 11th, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, FMIT Solutions S.L. (hereinafter, referred to as FMIT) wishes to inform you that: 1. Personal data provided through Websites which belong to FMIT,, (hereinafter referred to as FMIT-SOLUTIONS.COM) will be always expressly asked to be obtained on a voluntary basis and they will be kept in an automated file which belong to FMIT, whose purpose is enabling the relationship management between FMIT and its Website Users (hereinafter, referred to as USER); helping communication among them and its participation in available services required by Users in FMIT-SOLUTIONS.COM, as well as sending commercial communications and general information about FMIT or FMIT products the USERs may be interested in. 2. In the event the USERS shall provide personal data in any existing service in FMIT-SOLUTIONS.COM, they guarantee the data they are providing are true, accurate, complete and updated. The USER will be the only responsible of damages, direct or indirect, that could be caused to FMIT due to false, bad, incorrect or non updated information. In the event the data provided by the USER belong to a third party different from the person who provides the data, the USER shall inform this third party about the general aspects of this Policy and obtain an authorization in order to provide FMIT with the data. 3. When personal data are gathered through a form, it is required that the USER provides, at least, those data shown as compulsory, because if these obligatory data are not provided, FMIT cannot manage the USER´s participation in the Service of the corresponding Website. 4. FMIT does not allow the participation of an underage person in its Website´s Services. Hence, underage USERs need the prior consent of their parents or tutors to participate. FMIT does not accept any liability derived from the non compliance of this requirement. 5. FMIT has its servers, where we store our data, hosted at the facilities of a Spanish based entity, and as we are very concerned with guaranteeing safety and confidentiality of your data, we have adopted all safety standards required for personal data protection and have installed all technical means at our disposal in order to avoid the risk of loss, misuse, alteration, non-authorized access and theft of personal data provided through FMIT-SOLUTIONS.COM. Nevertheless, FMIT does not take any liability for damages derived from alterations that third parties may cause into the computer systems, electronic data or USER’s files. 6. If you opt for abandoning FMIT website through links to websites which do not belong to our entity, FMIT shall not be responsible for the privacy policies of those websites, nor for the cookies may those websites store in the USER´s computer. 7. FMIT does use cookies in its website, so it cannot follow USER´s navigation. Cookies are physical files of personal information hosted at the terminal of the USER. The USER has the option to set its internet browser, so the creation of files is prevented or alerted. 8. FMIT policy towards electronic mail is focused on sending only communications that the USER had requested previously to receive, offering continually a way of communication which enables to cancel the service. 9. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to your personal data by writing, with the reference ´Data Protection´, to the following address: Calle Armengual de la Mota 32a, 29007 Malaga, Spain or, if you wish to do so, through this website by e-mail to: If you wish not to receive commercial communications related to FMIT activities, you can express your wish of NOT receiving more commercial communications from FMIT at any moment, by sending your request to the following e-mail address: COOKIES 10. Use of cookies and web bugs at FMIT-SOLUTIONS.COM This web uses ¨Cookies¨ and other similar mechanisms (hereinafter, Cookies). Cookies are files sent by a browser through a web server to register all User activities in a specific web or all webs, apps and/or services shown in this web. The first aim of the Cookies is to provide a faster and customized access to the USER to the services offered. Cookies are only related to an anonymous USER and his/her computer and do not provide references which may help to find out USER´s personal data. If the USER does not wish to receive cookies, or want to be notified before they are placed, the USER can set his/her web browser to do so, without affecting this to a proper access to the content of this web. However, please note that this shall affect the website´s operational quality. This website uses Web Bugs, tiny and transparent images in mails. When the USER opens a FMIT-SOLUTIONS.COM newsletter, this image is downloaded with the rest of the e-mail content and enables to know if an specific e-mail has been opened or not, as well as the IP address from where this has been downloaded. FMIT makes use of this information in order to get statistics and to conduct analytical studies which confirm if the USER receives the e-mails. 11. Types of Cookies, their aim and performance Cookies, depending on their permanence, can be divided into session and persistent cookies. The first ones expire when the USER closes the web browser. The second ones expire when the objective they are used for is met or when they are deleted manually. In addition, according to their purpose, Cookies can be classified as follows: PERFORMANCE COOKIES: These Cookies remember your preferences for the tools found at the Services, therefore you do not have to re-set the service each time you visit the web. As an example, this kind of Cookies include: volume settings of video and audio players. Video transmission speed compatible with your web browser. Saved files in ‘cart’ in e-commerce services, such as stores. GEOLOCATION COOKIES: These Cookies are used to find out the country you are in when you ask for a Service. This Cookie is absolutely anonymous and it is only used to help guiding the content to your location. In addition, some Services may use social networks connectors such as Facebook or Twitter. When the USER registers in a Service with social network credentials, the USER authorizes the social network to save a persistent Cookie which remembers your identity and guarantees access to the Services until it expires. The USER may delete this Cookie and disable the access to the Services through social networks, updating the USER´s preference within that social network. ANALYTICAL COOKIES: Each time a USER visits a Service, an external provider tool (Google Analytics) generates an analytical Cookie at the USER´s computer. This Cookie, that it is only generated during the visit, will be used in future visits to FMIT-SOLUTIONS.COM to identify the visitor anonymously. The main aim to be achieved is to: allow the anonymous identification of the USERs through a ‘Cookie’ (identifies USERs and devices, not people) and therefore, to keep an account of the approximate number of visitors and their trend during the time of the visit; identify anonymously the most visited contents and therefore, the most attractive for the USERs; and know if the USER accesses are new or are repeated visits. 12. How to disable Cookies and Web Bugs from the main web browsers Usually, it is possible to disable the web browser Cookies, or stop accepting the Cookies of a particular Service. All modern web browsers allow to change the Cookies settings. These settings, usually are found at ‘Options’ or ‘Preferences’ of the browser´s menu. At the same time, you can set your web browser or your e-mail manager, as well as installing free complements to avoid Web Bugs to be downloaded when opening an e-mail. Follow these instructions depending on your web browser to change Cookies preferences: Internet Explorer • Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings. • For further information, please go to Microsoft support or Browser Help. Firefox • Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Custom Settings. • For further information, please go to Mozilla support or Browser Help. Chrome • Settings -> Advanced options -> Privacy -> Content settings. • For further information, please go to Google support or Browser Help. Safari • Preferences -> Security. • For further information, please go to Apple support or Browser Help. Some Services functions shall be disabled, such as, saving identification, keeping e-commerce Services purchases saved in the ‘cart’, receiving specific information for your location or viewing certain videos. FMIT may modify this Cookies Policy according to the legislative or regulatory requirements, or in order to adapt such Policy to follow the instructions laid down by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Therefore, USERs are advised to visit periodically this site in order to know the changes on cookies. When the changes in Cookies Policy are significant, USERs registered in the newsletter service shall be informed by the web or by e-mail.

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